Avery Lane
Findlay High School



1. How long have you been coaching?


I've been coaching since 1999 / 2000 and I’ve been a NHSSCA member since Fall 2020.

2. What is your educational and employment background?

My education background is a Bachelor of Science in Strength and Conditioning from the University of Findlay as well as a Masters In Education. Currently Working for BGSU as an Assistant Director in Career Services, but I’ve coached at the University of Findlay, Eastern Michigan University, the University of Toledo as well as Arlington Local HS, Riverdale HS, and now Findlay HS.


3. What certifications do you have?

Currently no specific certifications. 

4. What training methods do you implement in your programs or what it's your coaching philosophy?

The method I use is an Undulating Periodization method. I’ve implemented and used a variation of the programs that I have learned over the years as an assistant on the college level.  Injury PREVENTION is my number one focus.

5. What is one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you first started?

I wish I would have read more, (I do now) but just learned any and all. You can never have enough tools in your toolbox.


 6. Do you have anything new or unique to your program that you would be willing to share? (Motivation techniques,  assessments, training programs,  technology,  surveys,  communication methods,  fundraising,  etc).

I’m all about learning and learning from others.  We’ve brought in a 10 x Track and Field All American / Current Coach to teach our players’ form and speed work. They Love It!!!!