Kyle Coleman
Sydney High School


IG: coachkylecoleman
Twitter: @Coleman__Coach

1. How long have you been coaching?

I have 12 years of coaching experience with football and have always been heavily involved with the weight room as well. I joined NHSSCA this year and I am looking forward to being a part of the organization.

2. What is your educational and employment background?

Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education and Health

Master's Degree in Education

Graduate Assistant Bluffton University 09-12

Assistant Football Coach- Adrian College 12-13

Head Football Coach- Paulding HS 13-15

Assistant Football Coach/Weight Room Coordinator- Sidney HS 15-Present


3. What certifications do you have?

USA Weight Lifting- Level 1

4. What training methods do you implement in your programs or what it's your coaching philosophy?

I'm not sure anything we are doing is any different than everyone else. We start all our athletes with fundamental movements that will, in time, make them more explosive, resilient athletes. We try to have a variety of progressions and regressions for each movement to be able to adapt to any situation that may come up and any experience level we may encounter. We try to gather as much data as we can to influence training and provide feedback for athletes.

5. What is one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you first started?

Relationships have always been important, but with the situation I am currently in they seem to be even more vital. Relationships and trust is sometimes a long, difficult process and can be destroyed very easily and quickly if you are not careful.

 6. Do you have anything new or unique to your program that you would be willing to share? (Motivation techniques,  assessments, training programs,  technology,  surveys,  communication methods,  fundraising,  etc).
We are lucky to be able to utilize Teambuildr and the FreeLap timing system. As far as technology is concerned, those two things have provided the most return on investment. We have borrowed from other coaches the mindset of record, rank, publish and done as much as we can to utilize that concept in the weight room as well. I have seen a big change in the intent that we get from our athletes.