Maddie Diestel - Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach at Archbishop Hoban High School


Twitter:  @coach_maddie 
Instagram: @coach__maddie



1. How long have you been coaching/How long have you been a member of the NHSSCA?

I have been coaching for 6 years and a member of the NHSSCA for 4+ years.


2. What is your educational and employment background?

I graduated with my Bachelors Degree (Exercise Science) from Ashland University and just recently finished up my Masters Degree (Performance Coaching) at Setanta College! I have internship experience at the collegiate level, private industry and high school level, but I am currently serving my 5th year as the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Archbishop Hoban High School in Akron, Ohio

3. What certifications do you have?

I have my CSCS, but actively working towards my HSSCC, and level-1 TPI (Titleist Performance Institute).


4. What training methods do you implement in your programs or what is your coaching philosophy?

1) Keep things simple: coaching cues, choice of movements in a certain training block, expectations in the weight room, etc. The student-athletes are in high school(14-18 yrs), keeping things simple helps them learn and continue to show up. 

2) Hype them up when hype is due. All improvements in the weight room deserve to be noticed!!

3) Get to know them! When you learn more than just their name, they will start to trust you and build a solid relationship with you.

4) Training wise at Hoban we focus on linear progression with progressive overload -- all dependent on season, the consistency/attendance of teams, and training level of athletes.

5. What is one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you first started?

Do not be afraid to make mistakes!! It is going to happen regardless, so there is no need to pretend to be perfect. As long as you learn from each mistake and make the necessary adjustments, you will be just fine and learn more than you intended!


6. Do you have anything new or unique to your program that you would be willing to share? (Motivation techniques, assessments, training programs, technology, surveys,  communication methods, fundraising, etc.).